Friday, 1 February 2013


We dreamed of a honeymoon on a tropical beach.... This couple had their honeymoon on the front lines of Syria!!

This is an absolutely beautiful story. Nour al Hassan was a former hair stylist and the daughter of a Syrian Minister, her family were proud supporters of Assad to which she strongly opposed. She used to be active on social media exposing the regime's atrocities. Once her father and brother found out, they beat her to the point she woke up in hospital.

Mahmoud Al Halabi, a former Syrian prisoner, then came and helped her escape from her family. He taught her how to defend herself and soon after she her self chose to fight for her people!!

One day on the battlefield Mahmoud was injured, Nour then came running and dragged him from the line of fire, when no other rebel in the battalion would have dared to do so. This is when Mahmoud realised she was the right person for him to marry and they married immediately after.

ALLAHUAKBAR, what a beautiful story!!

May Allah bless your marriage!! You are a beautiful couple, sacrificing your lives for the safety of your people  !!